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Why You Need An Experienced Contractor

Spring Storm Season is officially here. Large hail falls from the sky, strong winds push it around, dumping rain by the buckets and causing all kinds of problems for homeowners.

Insurance claims can be tricky.

Do you have enough damage? Is the damage over your deductible? Will you get a full roof replacement or just a repair?

Then you have to find a someone to do the work.

Will they do a good job? Are they reputable? Do they know what they are doing? Are they insured?

Here's why you need an experienced contractor NOW.

1. Identifying ‘functional’ hail damage (what an insurance company will cover) is problematic. Insurance companies will first determine if damage is recent, in the past, or a combination of multiple incidents over the life of the current roof. An experienced contractor can find functional hail damage and present it to your insurance company correctly.

2. Hail damage is rated in terms of degrees of damage: bruising, granule loss, edge removal, wood spliting, and fracturing of the asphalt underlayment. Granular loss alone usually does not qualify for replacement of the roof. An experienced contractor can tell you the difference, identify functional damage on the roof and determine the extent of the damage to your roofing system.

3. The slope or pitch of your roof and the direction of the storm may result in hail damage to one side of your roof and not the other. Perpendicular impacts will cause the most damage.

There will need to be some negotiating on what the replacement will be in this case and a determination on whether or not the roof is considered “repairable”. An experienced contractor can do that for you.

4. Hail damage is not isolated to just the roofing system. Other things get hit too, like your patio funiture, playground equipment, hot tub, pool cover, yard ornaments, solar lights, gutter systems, windows, siding, gable vents.... the list goes on and on. An experienced contractor will look at the roof and also thoroughly inspect the exterior for other hail damage to present to your insurance company for coverage.

Gwen Co offers the convenience of online scheduling, live chat, or video conferencing, and can assist you with your insurance claim process, working with your best interest at heart. We have put measures in place to protect those around us from the spread of COVID-19

(See: We are COVID-19 SAFE). The process always starts with a FREE inspection with no obligation to pay. We will provide the necessary documentation for your insurance company and gladly meet them onsite to review the damage. We've handled thousands of claims over the years, and work hard to help each and every client in the best way possible.

We look forward to serving you.

314-882-6614 (text or call)

Roofer Gwen

Owner, Founder Gwen Co, LLC

"Everything you love is under that roof."

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