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What COVID-19 Means For Your Insurance Claim

With COVID-19 saturating the market, making heavier restrictions on policies for companies such as State Farm, who still allow field adjusters to inspect claims onsite, it's important to know what has changed for the claims process.

Your insurance adjuster may not meet you face to face

Many insurance adjusters are partnering with a 3rd party inspection company to perform the property inspections onsite, while video conferencing the adjuster. This allows the adjuster to still have "eyes" on the damage and understand what needs to be written into the Scope of Loss.

You may not receive a decision on repair or replacement on the spot

Since the information in now gathered in the field from a 3rd party and then sent over to your insurance adjuster, or review team, it could take anywhere from 24 - 48 hours for a decision to be made regarding your claim.

You may not receive your 1st payment for loss on the spot

Because the information is sent out from the field to an internal review team, your insurance check will likely be mailed, or depending on your carrier, it may be direct deposited (if this option is available). Some insurance companies will invite you to set up an online account where they will upload your insurance paperwork and send you notifications regarding your claim. Direct Deposit, if offered, can be set up online.

Mortgage Companies may take longer to endorse your insurance check.

If your claim exceeds a certain threshhold (usually $10,000) your mortgage company will be listed as a payee, along with your name, on your insurance checks. You will need to contact your mortgage company and find out what their process is for insurance claims and where to mail your insurance check to for endorsement.

Some mortgage companies may hold the insurance funds in an escrow account until the work is finished and disperse the funds accordingly, while other mortgage companies will simply endorse the check and mail it back to you.

Processing your insurance check either way may take longer (anywhere from 2-4 weeks).

Gwen Co is still able to work with your insurance adjuster during this process

It is no surprise that COVID-19 is changing the way we all perform our jobs and do business. We have just modified the way we do inspections, but we work closely with insurance adjusters and homeowners so while things have changed in the field, the foundation of the insurance claim process has not changed and we have adapted accordingly. Claims are still being approved and processed. Homeowners are still receiving payments for losses due to storm damage. The process is just a few extra steps; steps which ensure the safety of both the insurance adjusters and homeowners.

If you have any questions or concerns at any time during your insurance claim process, please feel free to reach out.

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy.

and remember, "We are all in this together."

Roofer Gwen

Owner/Founder, Gwen Co, LLC

"Everything you love is under that roof."

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