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FAQ's: If I File An Insurance Claim, Will My Rates Go Up?

I hear this question asked frequently, especially during storm season while insurance claims are on all of our minds: If I file an insurance claim, will my rate go up?

When we are talking about a hail related event, it's important to remember that the hail event was not isolated to just your home. Chances are it affected many homes for miles and miles. These hail events cause those homeowners around you to also file claims for damage. The insurance companies look for "trends" and weather events, dates, areas affected and the amount of damage that particular storm has caused based on claims called in.

If you live in an areas where a major hail event occurred, whether or not you file a claim will make no difference. Hail is an "Act of God", something we have no control over or is beyond our ability to reasonably avoid. There is no "fault" assigned to a hail claim and it does not require an investigation to determine cause. Giant ice balls fell from the sky and are driven by high winds - there's nothing you or I can do about that.

Now insurance companies make a habit of doing a yearly review and your rate is based on many factors including if your area experienced a major "event" and your rates can increase based on the data collected for that area. If you are in an area that experiences frequent hail events, then your rates may increase every year regardless.

Roofer Gwen

Owner/ Founder, Gwen Co LLC

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