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Gwen Maechling,
Founder and Principal

"I'm in love with my job."

I don't know many people that can say that, but it's true, "I love my job." 

Everyday I wake up and feel completely blessed that I have the honor and privilege to work with so many wonderful people. I think of my clients as my extended family and they truly are the best part of the job. 

I didn't always know construction would be my passion. It wasn't something that I chose - I guess you could say I fell into it. 

My construction career began at the age of 19, as I sat in front of the President of the local bank, asking him for a new construction loan because I wanted to build a house - from the ground up. I had zero experience and I'm pretty sure at that time, I didn't know how to operate a power saw.  


This is where the journey into construction began. It was baptism by fire and I learned as many trades as it took to build a home - nights, weekends, holidays... After successfully building 2 custom spec homes in the town of Edwardsville, Illinois, I moved to Florida in 2001, where I became a real estate investor, fixing and flipping properties. I was hired by a national home builder as a salesperson to work in a Single Family Home Development. At the time, I sold off of blueprints and dreams. By the age of 27, I had 5 developments under my belt spanning  the Gulf Coast of Florida. I was not uncommon to see me walking my homes in high heels and a hardhat in my communities, checking and double checking the progress of construction.

In 2008, I moved back to the Midwest. (Yes, I'm still acclimating to the weather.) 

I managed several roofing companies before founding Gwen Co. I believe that service and customer relationships are the most important aspect of any business. My love for homes, families, and serving others is fulfilled through the work that I do. That makes this job the best job anyone could ever ask for. 

I am a proud member of the NWIR (National Women in Roofing), I've been featured in both Professional Roofing and Roofing Magazine. 

Most importantly, the best days of our lives begin and end with home - and that place should reflect your vision and enthusiasm for life.  I'm excited to work with you to bring your vision of home improvement alive! 

Roofer Gwen

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